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“I continue to work with Kraft Group because they do not promise more than they can give. They always give more than they promise.”
Kathy Vasquez, Accounts Payable Supervisor
“I have dealt with Charles Kraft in the AP recovery business for about 14 years. Charles and his auditors have done a great job for us. They know the healthcare business and its vendors. If you have not yet made your final decision, I would certainly give Kraft Group an opportunity…”
Even Olson, Support Services
“Kraft Group doesn’t come in with a lot of fluff. They do what they say they will do. They are dependable outstanding people.”
Dennis McVeigh, Corporate Controller
“We were concerned that we would have to put out a lot of time holding auditors hands…our staff had no interruption whatsoever.”
Kathy Vasquez, Accounts Payable Supervisor
“From our perspective, there is no comparison. Kraft presents claims better and they are always the most professional to deal with.”
Martha Newal, Vendor Based Audit Analyst