Turn-key Recovery Audits

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Outsource Solution

The Kraft Group provides traditional, turn-key recovery audit services. We take care of everything from “Discovery to Recovery.” Our outsource clients simply deposit the reimbursement payments and deduct the confirmed claims and credit memos.

Data Acquisition

  • The Kraft Group’s unique Data Summary Report helps correct data accuracy before the audit engagement begins; incomplete or incorrect data is resolved to ensure that accurate claims are produced

Full-Cycle Audit Services

Procurement to Payment comprehensive approach

  • Payables analysis uncovers duplicate payments, overlooked discounts, freight, returns, tax issues and a variety of other possible overpayments
  • Procurement analysis uncovers contract and pricing issues such as incorrect pricing, rebates, contract noncompliance and shipping errors.

Claims Discovery

Claims discovery is based on

  • Standard reports generated
  • Auditor-defined reports
  • Expert knowledge of the industry

Claims Recovery

Claims recovery begins with Claim Generation after thorough investigation, documentation and confirmation followed by Claim Tracking to ensure timely resolution. Claims are resolved by our vendor relations staff.

We are known for being the least intrusive in the industry.

Management Intelligence

Online reporting and hard-copy reporting are available. Most beneficial is a group meeting with the entire staffs of Accounts Payable and Procurement departments.