Pre-Audit Data Integrity Phase

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AuditKraft™ Software provides accounting and materials managers with a simple process for standardizing and validating procurement and payables data to support all types of audit processes as well as Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Effective Data Validation empowers you to do more in-house to better control the internal auditing process.

Data Scrub virtually eliminates the #1 audit problem: capturing usable data.

Data Summary Reports help identify and correct data accuracy before auditing.

Vendor Master File Analysis identifies inaccurate and problem areas causing erroneous payments due to the vendor set up.

AuditKraft™ Software generates a vendor confirmation mailing for 100 percent of your Vendor Master File. Results from typical mailings have shown up to 80 percent of vendors in the file contain errors. Some as minor as incorrect ZIP codes and some as major as incorrect terms or even fictitious vendors.  Kraft Group personnel can assist in the verification of the Vendor Master File data.