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AuditKraft Software provides financial managers extensive reporting — online — as well as in print.

  • Quickly show the number of active vendors in your database
  • Quickly calculate the cost for processing transactions
  • Quickly show the average days to pay and identify late payments

The Kraft Group Executive Reporting System provides reports to help you manage the entire payables process and AP Department by reporting the latest statistics regarding staff, suppliers, vendors, transactions, number of active and inactive vendors and late payments.  Purchases and products are quantified, stratified and reported.

Management Intelligence

  • Types of exclusive management intelligence you can expect to receive from Audit Kraft Software:

Accounting Solutions Report

  • Frequent duplicate and wrong vendor errors, missed cash discounts and other repetitive errors noted

Product Cost Solutions Reports

  • Contract Compliance
  • Price Variance
  • Best Price
  • Market Share

These are only a few examples.   We invite you to request a preview either onsite or online at your convenience.