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Q: How long does a recovery audit take?
A: Accuracy and accessibility of vendor data are the key time factors.
Q: How much of my time will it take?
A: A key benefit of technology-assisted, co-sourced internal auditing is that you control the timing. For a fully outsourced recovery audit, no more than one hour per week of your time is required.
Q: Will my vendors and suppliers be upset?
A: Our professional Claims Resolution Department will not harm any vendor relationships. Kraft Group is considered among the least intrusive in our industry. Read testimonials from our vendor-based audit clients.
Q: Why can’t we do it ourselves?
A: Kraft Group offers technology-assisted internal audit support. You can in fact choose the steps of the process to perform internally and call on our team to handle the steps best suited for an outside expert.
Q: Our software won't accept duplicate invoices. How does your software work better?
A: Data accuracy is the underlying problem AuditKraft Software attacks. As an example, minor typing and keyboard variations actually change the computer’s recognition of an invoice number which permits the same invoice to be accepted under two slightly different invoice numbers.