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The Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors points out that as the role of internal audit departments has increased over the past two decades, the integration of financial, operational and clinical audit expertise has delivered value to healthcare institutions, payers and clients.

AuditKraft Software, which has been in use since the early 1990s, has been rewritten with extensive enhancements in this new software to particularly offer healthcare institutions and other organizations with line item detail, more powerful line-item and contract management tools for more effective internal audit processes.

Healthcare clients included Columbia Hospital Corporation from the first two Columbia Hospitals to the merged Columbia/HCA, sisters of Charity organizations in Houston and San Antonio (now Christus), Banner Health in Phoenix and Houston systems such as St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, Memorial Hermann Hospital System, M D Anderson Cancer Center and Houston Methodist System.

Besides the usual search for duplicate billings and duplicate payments, there is a major focus on pricing anomalies including contract review and contract compliance searching for overcharges, discounts earned and not received and rebates earned and not recognized.